Lovesick Orchestra


Who to blame:


Hilary Hesse (Serenity) holds a BA in Theatre from UCLA and spent several years doing theatre, film and commercial work in Los Angeles. Favorite LA stage roles there include Crystal in “The Women” at the Hudson Theatre and Jessica in “Sitcom: the Play” at the Stella Adler Theatre. She recently played Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire at the Shelton Theater.  Favorite musicals she has been in include “City of Angels,” “Into the Woods,” and “Assassins.” Last season, she was on Discovery Channel’s episodic “I Almost Got Away with It” and the new Hulu original “Chance.”


Steffanos X is (Lucky) yes he is. Grateful for yet another opportunity to make you happy. He is half of the musical duo Tom Jonesing.

He loves dogs.


Ryan Hayes (Jake/Walter/Myron) has been entertaining and angering San Francisco audiences for over 18 years, on stages and screens, in parks and bars, and everywhere in between. Co-conspirators include Custom Made Theatre, Berkeley Rep, Stanford Rep, FaultLine Theater, Dark Porch Theatre, Repurposed Theatre, Killing My Lobster and many more! He was once owned by a fat cat named Tuesday and is currently under the supervision of a hound dog named Emmylou.


Lily Marcheschi (mouse) is excited that the psychic reading she once had, “your destiny is in the tiny hands of a cheese loving creature” is finally coming to fruition, and is in fact happy about being part of the amazing musical LOVESICK, and not marrying a tiny Italian deli owner.


Jenneviere Villegas (mouse) moved to the Bay Area in 2010 after spending a few months here - singing and dancing - as the lead in a rock opera at Teatro Zinzanni. She then acted in the movie Twixt and when she realized that Mr. Coppola wasn't going to cast her as the lead in his next film she began drowning her sorrows in hoppy IPAs and the soothing click of knitting needles. She’s a professional dabbler in inappropriate and snarky humour.


Alexis Lane Jensen (Momma) is a classically trained singer who has performed with West Edge Opera, Ray of Light Theatre, Cinnabar Theater, Lamplighters Musical Theater, Oakland Opera Theater, Berkeley Playhouse, Altarena Playhouse, Society Cabaret, SF Symphony Chorus and the Grammy Nominated Pacific Edge Voices (formerly Pacific Mozart Ensemble) to name only a few.  Ms. Jensen is a champion of new works and has premiered many original pieces by Bay Area composers.  She is also an accomplished interpreter of the music of Kurt Weill and his contemporaries, and takes advantage of every opportunity she can to present their work.  For more info, please go to www.alexislanejensen.com.


Flash Hopkins (Guido) is from Rhode Island, obviously. He’s a founding members of Burning Man, and has wreaked more off and on playa havoc than can possibly be captured in a bio. He has also been a principal onscreen builder in Doing Da Vinci for the Discovery Channel, Pimp my Coop for the Animal Planet, and Scrap House for National Geographic. He never wanted to be a tap dancer.


Phil Clevenger (guitar) has had a lifelong dream of playing in the pit band for a hit Broadway musical.  And until that happens, he is very happy to be playing here in the Lovesick Cat Allergy Orchestra! 


John Hollis (drums) is a classically trained percussionist and live / recording drummer of 30 years. I have recorded and toured with musical artists Manooghi Hi, Gerald Collier, Ian Moore, Sean Nelson, We Are Golden, Voyager One, Sister Psychic and many other wonderful bands, singers and songwriters. I've also performed in musical theater productions "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" (Seattle and SF), "Rocky Horror Picture Show", "How to Survive the Apocalypse- a Burning Opera" (2009 San Francisco), "Buttrock Suites...LIVE", "What You Sing Might Save You", "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" among others.


Schuyler Karr (bassist) Specializing in the classical and jazz traditions, he has performed with Brad Mehldau, Joshua Redman, the California, Santa Cruz and Modesto Symphonies, is a member of the One Found Sound chamber orchestra, and has performed chamber music with the Musical Art Quintet, Amaranth Quartet and the Real Vocal String Quartet. He has also spent years performing with several Balkan, Turkish and Klezmer folk groups, and recorded with the Tumbleweed Wanderers. As an arts administrator, he served for a year as the Director of Performance Programming at the Red Poppy Art House, and currently directs the Diablo Jazz Company in public and private events.


Pamela Holm (Writer/producer) is a San Francisco novelist posing as a playwright. She is the author of The Night Garden, and The Toaster Broke So We're Getting Married. Since the last run of Lovesick ten years ago, Pamela has hosted pirate radio shows, washed clothing on rooftops in India, performed with Extra Action Marching Band, bombed at story telling events, restored a thirty-one foot Airstream trailer, and has tempted fate on motorcycles in several countries. She is working on a book about living in India.  Lovesick is not her last play.


Jim Fourniadis (composer/lyricist) As the former owner of the Dark Room Theater and lead singer of punk rock goofballs, The Rats of Unusual Size, he has been fortunate enough to provide unsuspecting patrons with nearly a ton of humorous tomfoolery for over a decade. He is confident that Lovesick will continue that somewhat dubious legacy!! 


Margery Fairchild (Director, Choreographer) has been making theatre in the Bay Area since 2003. As the Founder and Co-Artistic Director of Dark Porch Theatre, Ms. Fairchild has penned produced and directed such original musical and non- musical works as Hen!, Under The Bed, The In Betweens, Eleanor (2011 Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle Award for Outstanding Achievement in Playwriting and Nominated for best Original Musical Production) and 2016's Pas De Quatre. Ms. Fairchild's favorite achievements include Alison Lovejoy's 7 Deadly Pleasures (Writer, Director) and Breadbox's The Awakening (TBA award Nominee for Best Choreography). She is currently working on the feature film To No Good End (lastwavefilm.com) with her Husband, filmmaker Kindrid Parker. She is overjoyed to be at the helm of this new iteration of Lovesick!!!